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Green Mountain Academy

"Action-packed, with a strong emotional underpinning, this story satisfies." - Kirkus Reviews

 "...A gripping adventure story with strong themes of camaraderie, bravery, and forgiveness.... Francie’s strong connection to nature will resonate with outdoorsy readers, who may find the winter survival elements instructive. A harrowing and reflective escapade." — Kit Ballenger, Booklist

Red Fox Road cover Penguin.jfif

Red Fox Road, a novel for young readers

Francie and her parents are on a spring road trip: driving from British Columbia, Canada, to hike in the Grand Canyon. When a shortcut leads them down an old logging road, disaster strikes. Their truck hits a rock and wipes out the oil pan. They are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Francie can't help feeling a little excited -- she'd often imagined how she'd survive if she got stranded in the bush, and now here they are. But will her survival skills -- building fires, gathering dandelion leaves and fir needles for tea -- be enough when hours stretch into days? Read a preview here.

"Rendered with exquisite sensory detail, this hero’s journey is a resonant read for unsettling times."  Kirkus starred review

Author interview can be found here.

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"This book casts a strong spell -- the landscape is so vividly rendered, it is a character all on its own, and sisters Maggie and Jenny are unforgettable in their resilience." - Jamie Zeppa, author of Every Time we Say Goodbye

Watch the Shelter trailer, below:
By the Secret Ladder: A Mother's Initiation
"Thankfully, Greenslade doesn't shy away from the knotty emotions of other aspects of mothering and she has a particular knack for capturing every nuance of her emotional state throughout the first year of her son's life… this is a book she should be proud to show her son, years from now."  
"Greenslade weaves tales of mythology into her meditation on her experience, contrasting timeless and universal beliefs with contemporary bizarreness surrounding mothering. It's lovely, thoughtful and ultimately uplifting…"  
A Pilgrim in Ireland: A Quest for Home

"Frances Greenslade has a real gift as a teller of stories, and she tells them in the clearest, most accessible prose, so that they flow one into the other. Once I started reading A Pilgrim in Ireland, I was so engrossed that I couldn't stop. Before I knew it, an entire afternoon had flown by."      — Sharon Butala 

"Weaving back and forth from the land she's standing on to the country that's home, Greenslade takes a look at the things that have made her the person she is, and the things that have made Canada what it is.… Her openness draws us into her trip, making it as much ours as it is hers."  - The Toronto Star

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