Frances Greenslade's latest novel, Shelteris the story of two sisters, Maggie and Jenny, and their quest to find out what happened to their mother who left them to billet in Williams Lake, a small town in British Columbia, and never came back. Set in the 1960s and 70s in the wilds of the Chilcotin, where it's still possible to lose yourself, the novel explores the attachment we have to our mothers, and the expectation we hold that they will always be our mothers, and nothing more.
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New Guardian review

by Frances Greenslade on 10/18/13

A nice review of the new UK edition of Shelter appeared in the Guardian today:

New UK cover

by Frances Greenslade on 08/19/13

I just received a copy of the new UK edition of Shelter which is in stores in September, 2013. On the back cover is an excerpt from this review in the Guardian:

Shelter by Frances Greenslade (Virago, £12.99)
The Chilcotin area of British Columbia in the 1970s is intensely realised in a combination of family saga, local superstition and love for the blue summers and deep winters of this remote region. Narrator Maggie Dillon and sister Jenny are opposites. Maggie, her Irish logger father Patrick's favourite, is an adventurous tomboy, while Jenny is happier at home playing with Barbie dolls. Their free-spirited life, all campfires and starlight, ends when Patrick is killed in a work accident. Irene, their imaginative and tough mother, seems at first able to cope. But suddenly she billets her daughters with a childless couple and disappears, only communicating by letter. When the letters cease, Maggie embarks on a quest, while Jenny finds herself trapped by circumstance, in this yearning and beautifully articulate work.

New cover

by Frances Greenslade on 07/22/13

Shelter has a new cover for the paperback edition in the UK, coming out in September, 2013.


Shelter in Turkey

by Frances Greenslade on 01/10/13

A Turkish edition of Shelter is in the works, published by Aspendos Yayinlari

It's exciting to think of Maggie and Jenny traveling to Turkey with their story set in the Canadian wilderness.

German edition nominated

by Frances Greenslade on 11/22/12

Der Duft des Regens, the German edition of Shelter, has been nominated by readers for best book of 2012 on the German website Lovely Books. To vote for Shelter, go here:


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