Il Nostro Riparo : Shelter
Frances Greenslade's latest novel, Shelteris the story of two sisters, Maggie and Jenny, and their quest to find out what happened to their mother who left them to billet in Williams Lake, a small town in British Columbia, and never came back. Set in the 1960s and 70s in the wilds of the Chilcotin, where it's still possible to lose yourself, the novel explores the attachment we have to our mothers, and the expectation we hold that they will always be our mothers, and nothing more.
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Photo: Stuart Bish

Il Nostro Riparo

by Frances Greenslade on 01/21/16

My talented colleague, Aaron Giovannone, recently translated some of the Italian reviews of Shelter (Il Nostro Riparo) for me. Aaron is a poet & translator, so he helped me make sense of what Google translate couldn't. Elisabetta Rasy in Domenica del Sole 24 ore noted a stylistic similarlity between female Canadian writers born in the 1930s and those born in the 1960s, like me. I'm honoured to be mentioned anywhere in the neighbourhood of writers like Margaret Laurence & Alice Munro & Margaret Atwood, literary trailblazers that had such a powerful influence on me as a Canadian writer (and continue to).

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